• Chien-Hung Chen, Dos D. Sarbassov.

The growth signaling Akt kinase         5-23

  • Alchinbayev M.K.

Erectile dysfunction: a look at the problem through the eyes of women         24-33

  • Boranbaeva R.Z., Abdilova G.K., Aslambekova N.A.

Efficiency of treatment inhibitor forms of hemophilia in children         34-38

  • Ivashchenko A.T., Niyazova R.Ye., Atambayeva Sh.A., Pyrkova A.Y., Labeit S., Aisina D.E., Yurikova O.Yu., Pinsky I.V., Akimniyazova A.N., Bayzhigitova D., Mamirova A.A.

Detection of the associations of miRNAs with target genes participanting in the development of cardiovascular diseases       39-48

  • Seisenbayeva A.S., Isachenko V.V., Toishibekov Ye.M.

Study of viability of frozen-thawed ovarian tissue by xenografting to SCID mice       49-56

  • Kravchenko A.P., Toxobayeva G.A., Kausbekova A., Bersimbaev R.I.

Tor complex 1 impact on activity and genes expression of the aldehyde oxidase enzyme in Arabidopsis thaliana       57-65

  • Alexyuk P.G., Bogoyavlenskiy A.P., Alexyuk M.S., Moldahanov E.S., Anarkulova E.I., Babenko A.S., Berezin V.E.

Preclinical trials of the pharmacokinetics of "Glabiloks" adjuvant with intranasal introduction       66-74

  • Ismailova E.T., Cadanov A.K., Shemshura O.N., Seitbattalova A.I., Daugalieva C.T., Kaptagai R.J.

Morphological and molecular and genetic characteristics of causative agents of the main fungal diseases of tomatoes growing in Almaty region       75-81

  • СSadanov A.K., Ultanbekova G.D., Khasenova A.H., Massirbayeva A., Parkhatkyzy N., Myrzatai K., Esirkepyly M.

Study on promising strains of nitrogen-fixing actinomycetes belonging to the genus Frankia under laboratory conditions      82-87

  • Sayatov М.Kh., Kydyrmanov А.I., Zhumatov К.Kh., Каramendin К.О., Аsanova S.Е., Daulbaeva К.D., Kasymbekov Е.Т., Khan Е.Ya., Suleymenova S.А.

Monitoring of paramyxoviruses in the avifauna of Kazakhstan (2002–2015)      88-95

  • Z. S. Kachiyeva1, 2, S. M. Nurmoldin2, N. O. Nakisbekov2


  • Klivleyeva N.G., Saktaganov N.T., Glebova T.I., Lukmanova G.V., Shamenova M.G., Sayatov M.H., Ongarbayeva N.S., Kalkozhayeva M.K. , Baimukhametova A.M., Amirasheva L.K., Mustafin M. K., Mustafin B. M., Baiseyev G. A.

Detection of Influenza A(H1N1) Viruses in Humans and Pigs in the Northern Kazakhstan during 2014–2016      106-114

  • Keishilov Zh.S., Kokhmetova A.M., Galimbek К.

Monitoring of a leaf spot disease of wheat in the South-East region of Kazakhstan      115-120

  • Zverev N.E., Kalybayev K.R., Kurmantayeva A.A.

Evaluation of the fruits of pistachio, allocated in populations which growing in Kazakhstan      121-126

  • Atishova M.N., Kokhmetova A.M., Yessenbekova G.T., Madenova A.K., Galymbek K., Keishilov Zh.

Identification of genetic carriers of wheat, steady against yellow rust Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici     127-134

  • Berkimbayeva Z.A., Muratova F.T., Djantayeva K.B., Cherednichenko O.G., Sapargali O., Amirgalieva A.S., Abdikerim S.E., Perfilyeva A.V., Kasimuratova S.A., Zhunussova G.S., Dzhansugurova L.B., Bekmanov B.О., Khussainova E.М.

Influence of anthropogenic pollutants on genomic damages in peripheral blood lymphocytes in human population of Mangystau oblast: association with polymorphisms of DNA repair and detoxification genes      135-143

  • Dzhakasheva M.A., Abubakirova A.A., Essimova A.M., Elemanova Zh.R., Abildaeva R.A.

The comparative analysis of cultivation ways of filamentous fungi Aspergillus awamori F-RKM 0719      144-150

  • Zhaylybay K.N.

Questions of improvement of the air basin of Almaty, protection against the hot heat and what kind of trees it is necessary to grow up more in the city     151-157

  • Zayadan B.K., Usserbayeva A.A., Sarsekeyeva F.K., Sadvakasova А.K., Bolatkhan K.

Study of influence of different concentrations of nitrogen in the nutrient medium on the productivity of biomass and lipids in cyanobacteria strain of Cyanobacterium sp. IPPAS B-1200    158-164

  • Dzhakasheva M.A., Rysbaeva G.S., Essimova A.M., Narymbaeva Z.K., Elemanova Zh.R.

Selection of Aspergillus awamori strain for reception of the highly active producer of the complex of pectolytic enzyme     165-173

  • Ibrayimova Zh.K., Kudasova D.E., Ayitkulova R.E., Abubakirova A.A., Yelemanova Zh.R.

Reception by biotechnological way of a petunia hybrid, steady to аbiotical stress     174-179

  • Kapysheva U.N., Smagulova Z.Sh., Bakhtiyarova Sh.K., Auezhanova A.S., Talgatov E.T., Zhaksymov B.I.

Protective effect of hybrid entorosorbents on biochemical indicators of blood of experimental animals intoxication by chloride cadmium     180-184

  • Sarsenbayev B.A., Kirshibayev Ye.A., Bayseitova G.A., Kamunur M.

Some features of the sugar sorghum cultivars in the conditions of the Southeast of Kazakhstan     185-192

  • Ibraimova Zh.K., Kudasova D.E., Dayilbai A.D., Lesbekova S.Zh., Abildaeva R.A.

Combined silage for pigs using probiotic Bacillus subtilis     193-199

  • Meca-Mechenko V.G.

Monitoring of the gray marmot – Marmota baibacina on the limited site of Zailiysky Alatau     200-208

  • Rsaliev A.S., Asraubaeva A.M., Baygutov M.Zh.

Economically valuable traits of varieties and lines of barley, resistance to net blotchand powdery mildew     209-215

  • Yelemanova Zh.R., Dauylbai A.D., Sarsenbai R.M., Kudasova D.E.

Investigation of dairy products with mixed yeast for functional nutrition obtained by biotechnological fundamentals     216-221

  • Seitbattalova A.I., Sadanov A.K., Shemshura O.N., Kaptagai R.J., Ismailova E.T.

Influence of pre-treatment of seeds by extract of hyssop on the stability of tomatoes to fungi diseases in the field     222-227

  • Temreshev I.I., Esenbekova P.A., Sаgitov A.O., Muchamadiev N.S.

To the knowledge of the fauna of brown lacewings (Neuroptera, Hemerobiidae) in the fields of forage crops of the Almaty area of the Republic of Kazakhstan    228-234

  • Mukhamejanova A.S., Shalakhmetova G.A., Alikulov Z.

In vivo influence of exogenous molybdenum on milk and liver xanthine oxidase activity in sheep    235-241



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