• Aubakirova B.N., Beisenova R.R., Zhamangara A.K.

The effect of pharmaceutical ingredients to the growth of algae       5-11

  • Biyasheva Z.M., Zhumabai A.N., Shaizadinova A.M., Tleubergenova M.Zh., Sarzhanova S.D.

Mutagenic effects of alpha radiation in drosophila test-system       12-18

  • Batpenov N., Ospanov K., Nabiyev E., Dosmailov B., Sekenova R.

Epidemiology and risk factors of proximal femoral fractures in the elderly       19-26

  • Boyko V.V., Bezhuashvili I.G., Prasol V.A., Konovalova E.A.

Surgical treatment of critical ischemia of lower limbs on the background of atherosclerosis      27-31

  • Belkozhaev A.M., Botbayev D.M., Balmukhanov T.S., Tolepbayeva N.O., Miroshnick T.N., Kazymbet P.K., Bakhtin M.М., Aitkhozhina N.A.

Polymorphisms at RAD51, XPD and XRCC1 genes among population living in the regions adjacent sites of the atomic industry      32-38

  • Dzhansugurova L.B., Dzhantaeva K.B., Nurzhibek, Zhunussova G.S., Kuzovleva E.B., Musralina L.Z., Evinger Sh., Kustar A., Ixan O.A., Khussainova E.М.

Isolation and analysis of ancient DNA from human bones of the Hun period      39-50

  • Yelemanova Zh.R., Dauylbai A.D., Kudasova D.E., Komek G.A., Karlybai I.A.

Production of vinegar by biotechnological methods with use of acetic bacteria of the damaged fruits of mulberry juice      51-57

  • Zhailybay K.N., Zhailybayeva G.K.

Short history of emergence and formation of the common and biological ecology      58-64

  • Ilyassova A.B., Kudasova D.E., Dauylbay A.D., Sultangaliyeva K.Y., Ibraimova Zh.K.

Research of germinating ability dynamics of plant seeds received from potato crossing      65-70

  • Ibraimova Zh.K., Kudasova D.E., Dauylbai A.D., Lesbekova S.Zh., Ospanova A.A.

Purveyance of silo biological starter on the basis of lactobacillus plantarum-52 for feeding of cows      71-77

  • Dzhansugurova L.B., Zaibert V.F., Kitov E.P., Ixan O.A., Nurzhibek, Zhunussova G.S., Dzhantaeva K.B., Kuzovleva E.B., Khussainova E.М.

Paleogenetic investigation of the human remains of the eneoletic period from the settlement of Botai      78-88

  • Kebekbaeva K.M., Molzhigitova A.E., Jakibaeva G.T.

The ability of lactic acid bacteria entering into a consortium to synthesize exopolysaccharides      89-94

  • Ospanova A.A., Abubakirova A.A., Dauylbai A.D., Kudasova D.E., Baibirzayeva Zh.N.

Investigation of the biological features of Lilium L. families for acclimatization in the South Kazakhstan region      95-102

  • Kenzhegaliyev А.М., Esenbekova Р.А.

Fauna of predatory true bags (heteroptera) of the state national nature park «Ile-Alatau»      103-108

  • Madenova A.K., Kokhmetova A.M., Galymbek K., Atishova M.N.

Identification of carriers of Lr-genes in advanced winter wheat lines      109-118

  • Nurdinov N.S., Aymakhanov M.S., Kaliyeva U.O.

Development of technology for the production of vitamin biologics from natural ingredients for poultry     119-127

  • Otarbekova A.A., Isayeva A.U., Berdibekova A.T., Kudasova D.E., Bayseitova G.A.

Study of the major acidophilic bacteria found in the mine of polymetals      128-133

  • Ibraimova Zh.K., Kudasova D.E., Asilbekova B.K., Abubakirova A.A., Baimirzaeva Zh.N.

Effectiveness of silo from various vegetable raw materials of biological starter obtained from Lactobacillus     134-141

  • Trenozhnikova L.P., Ultanbekova G.D., Balgimbayeva A.S., Galimbaeva R.Sh., Masirbayeva A.

Study on the effect of biopheration based on streptomycete strains on wheat growth under conditions of Fusarium oxysporum infruction     142-147

  • Cherednichenko O.G., Pilugina A.L.

Stress-signaling between irradiated and intactic lymphocytes of human at the induction of the bystander effect    148-158

  • Sharapova L.I., Nuriyeva Sh.B., Minzhanova G.M.

Zooplankton as indicator of water quality of the Kapshagay reservoir     159-166



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