• Ruzuddinov S., Amiraev U.A., Karkabayeva K.U., Tuhvatshin R.R.

Change in cellular and humoral immunity in patients with metallic dentures 5-12

  • Kurmalayev A., Kuatbaev E., Müller L., Pya Y.

Endoprosthesis replacement in deforming arthrosis of the hip joint 13-21

  • Batpenov N., Ospanov K., Jaxybekova G.

Эндопротезирование при деформирующем артрозе тазобедренного сустава 22-38

  • Sultangaliyeva K.U., Bakhov Zh.K., Abubakirova A.A., Mutaliyeva B.Zh

Evaluation of the anaerobic digestion of agricultural waste in leach-bed reactor for biogas production 39-43

  • Rakhimov K.D., Filippova A.A.

Possibilities of application of pharmacoeconomic ABC/VEN analysis in multidisciplic hospitals of Kazakhstan 44-50

  • Ablaykhanova N.T., Beksaytova K.S., Dosymbetova M.I., Amzeeva U.M., Aknazarov S.Kh., Tanirbergenova S.K.

Scientific-experimental justification of use of «Emdik dake-2» surfaces as medicinal hazard in treatment of burnt ras 51-56

  • Beisenova R.R., Mustafa R.S., Zandybay A., Zhantokov B.Zh.

Influence of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons emitted during tobacco smoking on the nervous system of laboratory rats 57-60

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Species of insects (Insecta), detected in the "Zhongar-Alatau" state national natural park, endemic or subendendic for the Zhungar Alatau mountain system (Kazakhstan) 61-77

  • Abdrakhmanova L.T., Meldebekov A.M., Bayshashov B.U.

New find bones of ancient giraffes (Samotherium cf. Irtyshense) from Zaysan basin, Kazakhstan 78-82

  • Kadyrbekov R.Kh., Childebaev M.K., Zhdanko A.B., Tleppaeva A.M., Kolov S.V.

Insects – invasives to the steppe zone of Pavlodar region (Northern Kazakhstan) 83-88

  • Temreshev I.I., Meca-Mechenko V.G., Sayakova Z.Z.

Insect pests of forage stocks in the insectarium KSCQZD them M. Aykimbaev and their potential effect on the laboratory colony of the fleas 89-94

  • Tleppaeva A.M.

Jewel-beetles (Coleoptera, Buprestidae) of Pavlodar region (North Kazakhstan) 95-105

  • Tleppaeva A.M., Kadyrbekov R.Ch., Zlatanov B.V., Kolov S.V.

Features of the fauna and ecology of xylophagous insects (Insecta: Coleoptera, Hymenoptera) in the mountain system of Zhetisu Alatau (Kazakhstan) 106-112

  • Childebaev M.K.

Materials on the fauna and ecology of orthopteran insects (Orthoptera) of Karaganda region (Central Kazakhstan) 113-119

  • Zhunussova A.S., Orynbayeva Z.S., Tuleukhanov S.T.

Mitochondrial bioenergetics 120-140

  • Abekova A.O., Volodina G.V., Islamov R.A., Abramova Zh.S., Kenzhebekova R.T., Ilin A.I.

Peculiarities of determining in vitro cytotoxicity of iodine coordination compound 141-145

  • Abubakirova A.A., Kurbanova R.P., Sultangaliyeva K.U., Ospanova A.A., Baimirzayeva Zh.N.

Studying the immobilized preparation term to combat mosquito larvae 146-149

  • Aimuratov R., Kurbaniyazov A.K., Nurgaliyeva G.Zh., Babayeva G.A.

History of formation of wild-growing relatives of cultural plants of Central Asia 150-153

  • Elemanova Zh., Kudasova D.E., Dayulbai А.D., Ashir A., Ysibali Zh.

Study of the antioxidant properties of the extract of the fruit tree mulberry 154-158

  • Kedelbayev B.Sh., Yessimova A.M., Kudassova D.E., Rysbayeva G.S., Narymbayeva Z.K.

Studying the process of combined hydrolysis-hydrogenation process of the cellulose guza-paya to produce sorbitol 159-164

  • Kedelbaev B.Sh., Lakhanova K.M.

Research of the process of xylitol production by hydrolytic hydrolysis and hydrogenation of the brewery mash 165-170

  • Sapozhnikov F.V., Kalinina O.Yu., Kurbaniyazov A.K., Yusupov B., Mukhitdinova S., Abdimutalip N.A.

ОAbout the condition of the microphytobenthos of reservoirs of system of the aral sea on researches of the complex international expedition 171-176

  • Seitbattalova A.I., Shemshura O.N., Ismailova E.T., Kaptagai R.J., Mazunina M.N.

Resistance of soybean seedlings to fungal diseases after treatment of plant by family seed extract Lamiaceae lindl 177-181

  • Tastemirova B.T., Ishigov I.A.

Interscholastic comparative anthropometric indices in schoolchildren Turkestan city high school 182-190



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