• Magzieva K.T., Zhapayev R.K., Yussupov A.G., Beglov R.B.

Kazakhstan dandelion Taraxacum Kok-Saghyz – an alternative source of natural rubber (Taraxacum kok-saghyz L. E. Rodin) 5-16

  • Burkitbayev M.M., Islamov R.A., Kustova T.S., Kon G.A., Sabitov A.N., Ilin A.I.

The study of acute toxicity of nanosulfur 17-22

  • Kurmanbayeva A.S., Russell A., Zhumabayeva S.E., Gazdiyeva B.A., Althonayan A., Ali M., Akhmetov K.K., Mukanov Y.

ЗAir Pollution and Public Health Risk Assessment: case of the Akmola region 23-29

  • Baymagambetov A.K.

Experience of one-electrode catheter Symplicity Flex and catheter multielektrodnogo Symplicity Spyral in kazakhstan 30-36

  • Kislitsin V.Y., Zhigailov A.V., Polymbetova N.S., Iskakov B.K.

Cloning, mutagenesis and expression of cDNA-gene that encodes α-subunit of translation initiation factor 2 from Arabidopsis thaliana and isolation of recombinant proteins AteIF2α(S56), AteIF2α(S56D) and AteIF2α(S56А) 37-47

  • Baymagambetov A.K.

Epidemiology and dynamics of congenital heart disease in neonates Zhambyl region 48-52

  • Burkitbayev M.M., Islamov R.A., Kustova T.S., Kon G.A., Sabitov A.N., Ilin A.I.

The study of acute toxicity of nanosulfur 53-59

  • Sedlovsky A.I., Tyupina L.N., Tezhenova A.I.

Screening of wheat samples resistanт to moisture deficit 60-69

  • Murzataeva S.S., Perfilyeva A.V., Jantaeva K.B., Skvortsova L.A., Nurzhibek, Kasimuratova S.A., Altynova N.K., Kuon L.Z., Khussainova E.M., Bekmanov B.O., Dzhansugurova L.B.

ACE and NOS3 gene polymorphisms as markers for sport qualities determination 66-73

  • Аmirgalieva А.S., Begmanova М.О., Мit N.V., Djansugurova L.B.

The estimation of foreground pollutants genotoxical potential in Atyrau region of Prikaspiy 74-80

  • Aitkeldiyeva S.A., Faizulina E.R., Auezova O.N., Tatarkina L.G., Nurmukhanbetova A.M.

Evaluation of the microbiological condition of reinforced concrete designs and constructions of the Almaty subway 81-87

  • Baytulin I.O., Nesterova S.G., Inelova Z.A.

Materials to the assessment of the diversity of Liliaceae juss family of trans – Ili Alatau 88-92

  • Imanbaeva A.A., Ishmuratova M.Y., Kopbaeva G.B.

Studying of specific structure of wild relatives of cultural plants of the floristic area – Spurs of Obshchy Syrt Plateau 93-101

  • Amirkulova A.Zh., Chebonenko O.V., Abayldaev A.O., Utarbayeva A.Sh.

Effect of fungicide "Fundazol" on the activity of antioxidant enzymes of cereals 102-106

  • Shaushekov Z., Adekenova G., Gabdullin E., Yanina O., Baytulin I.O.

Phenological observations of some endemic plant species of Asteraceae Dumort family in conditions of ex situ 107-112

  • Khussainova E.М., Muratova F.T., Altynova N.K., Cherednichenko O.G., Amirgalieva A.S., Kasimuratova S.A., Ixan O.A., Sapargali O., Dzhansugurova L.B., Bekmanov B.О.

Cytogenetic evaluation of influence of anthropogenic environmental factors on residents of Atyrau region 113-117

  • Esimova A.M., Esimov E.K. , Aytkulova R.E., Kudasova D.E., Rahmetova A.H.

Research of process of polysaccharides production from beer pellet and guza-pay 118-123

  • Bekmakhanova N.E., Mombekova G.A., Kaptagay R.Zh.

Revealing and morphological characteristics of plant pathogenic fungi that infect legumes and fodder crops in Almaty region 124-131

  • Esenbekova P.A., Temreshev I.I.

Fauna of aquatic hemiptera (Heteroptera) of South Kazakhstan 132-137

  • Cherednichenko O.G., Magda I.N., Pilyugina A.L., Gubitskaya E.G., Dzhansugurova L.B.

Assessment of the status of genetic ichthyofauna of Atyrau region by micronucleus test 138-144

  • Amirkhanova N.T., Rsaliyev A.S., Pakhratdinova Zh.U.

Virulence of Kazakhstani Pseudoperonospora cubensis rostowz fungus population 145-150

  • Myrkasimova A.S.

ЗElm plant louse (Tinocallis platani Kaltenbach, 1843) and Elm-grass plant louse (Tetraneura ulmi Linnaeus, 1758) of Еlms in Almaty city 151-156

  • Temreshev I.I., Kazenas V.L., Esenbekova P.A., Kozhabayevа G.E.

Effect of insecticides bonus, 40/120 s.p. and nomolt 15 %, s.p. on non-target terrestrial arthropods-entomophages of harmful locust fauna in South Kazakhstan 157-166

  • Bekmakhanova N.E., Mombekova G.A., Seytbattalova A.I.

СScreening of fungal strains from the genera Trichoderma and Mortierella with the growth-stimulating activity indicator for plants: of peas, chickpea, alfalfa 167-174

  • Aubakirova M.O., Ainabayeva N.S.

The diversity of zooplankton of the coastal zone of the Caspian sea and delta channels of Zhaiyk river 175-178

  • Esimova A.M., Tasybaeva Sh.B., Narymbaeva Z.K., Kudasova D.E., Tulegen M.D.

Efficiency of South Kazakhstan geothermal water application for compounding of nutrient medum at yeast cultivation 179-184

  • Kedelbaev B.Sh., Esimov E.K., Esimova A.M., Kudasova D.E., Kuderhan A.K.

ГHydration of benzol on promoted by ferrodlloys nikel catalysts 185-192

  • Koyshibaeva S.K.

ТThe technologic aspects of incubation the spawn and rearing the fingerlings of pikeperch in fish – breeding farm of almaty oblast 193-202

  • Krupa E.G., Ainabayeva N.

Zooplankton of Shardara reservoir 203-208

  • Troshina T.T., Mazhibayeva Zh.O.

Hydrobiological featurе of a reservoir Tomasch-Nogas by seasons 209-215

  • Krupa E.G., Mademaroya N.A., Ainabayeva N.

Periphyton of Shardara reservoir and Kyzylkum channel (South Kazakhstan) 216-223

  • Seitova G.S.

Efficiency of tramadol in moderate and severe postoperative pain syndrome 224-233

  • Tolbayev N., Tulendieva M.

Index of saprobity of algological flora in spring-waters of Central Karatau 234-240

  • Tolbayev N., Tulendieva M.

Analysis of mesosaprobic microalgae, detected on natural water sources in other macroslopes of Karatau mountain range 241-246



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