• Taipakova S.M., Smekenov I.T., Kuanbay A.K., Buribaeva A.C., Bissenbaev A.K.

Construction of yeast chromosome HO locus oriented integrative expression vector    5-15

  • Asanova G.K., Shaushekov Z.K., Baitulin I.O., Adekenov S.M.

Introduction to culture of in vitro of Berberis karkaralensis Korn. et Potap   15-20

  • Alexyuk M.S., Alexyuk P.G., Bogoyavlenskiy A.P., Zhumanov Zh.Zh., Omirtayeva E.S., Berezin V.E.

Study of viral diversity of Kapchagai reservoir  21-26

  • Tursynova A., Sunnenova N.S., Erezhepova N., Sarsenbayeva N.B., Kalekeshov A.M., Makashev E.K.

Effect of the feed additive based on bentonite and chlorella body of agricultural animals and birds 27-33

  • Toishibekov M.M., Toishibekov Y.M., Valiyeva G.A.

Superovulation induction and study of sheep’s embryos viability after treatment of various cryoprotectants and using different cooling rates  34-39

  • Gavrilova N.N., Ratnikova I.A., Bayakyshova K., Turlybayeva Z.Zh., Utegenova N.M., Kosheleva L.A., Chugai O.G.

The radioprotective and reactivating activity of the probiotic used for prevention and treatment of the mixed intestinal infections at farm animals and birds  40-46

  • Dalelhankhyzy A., Mamytova N.S., Beskempirova Zh.D., Tilegen B., Kuzovlev V.A., Khakimzhanov A.A.

Influence of chitin-glucan complex and chitosan oligosaccharide on the activity β-1,3-glucanase and chitinase of wheat plants  46-53

  • Zhatkanbayev A.Zh., Nyssambayeva S.M., Zhatkanbayeva D.M.

On the appearance of brown rat (Rattus norvegicus) near the southern coast of Balkhash lake in the Southern Balkhash desert plague outbreak  54-58

  • Ismailova A., Мergenbayeva М.

Clinical case of myasthenia in a patient presenting with rheumatic fever  59-62

  • Kaldybekova S.B., Mametova A.Z., Aitkulova R.E., Elemanova Sh.R., Ospanova A.A.

Research of ecological state of river channels in the zone of the South-Kazakhstan region  62-67

  • Lesbekova S.Sh., Kudasova D.E., Kaldybekova G.M., Abdieva T., Serikbai A.

Determination of the optimum temperature and duration of heat processing on the basis of lacto-vegetarian product  67-72

  • Milieuva G.K., Mansurov Z.A., Lesbekov S.J., Kudasova D.E., Daulbai D.A.

The synthesis of the diboride nanopowder  73-77

  • Sunnenova N.S., Tursynova A., Erezhepova N., Sarsenbayeva N.B., Kalekeshov A.M., Makashev E.K.

Feed additive for farm animals based on bentonite and chlorella  78-84

  • Murzahmetova M.K., Aralbaeva A.N., Mamataeva A.T., Utegalieva R.S., Zhamanbayeva G.T.

Effect of herbal preparation on blood biochemical parameters in aging  85-89

  • Otarbekova A.A., Aitkulova R.E., Lesbekova S.Sh., Esimova A.M., Kudasova D.E.

Exploration of the possibility of bioleaching of REE from samples of different ores and concentrates  90-95

  • Seydalieva L.H., Sokolsky А.F., Volkova I.V.

Methodological problems of ecological and biological researches (EBR) of the Caspian sea  96-106

  • Isakul E.K., Tolbaev N.B.

Waterbirds of Karatau region , their distribution and diversity  107-110

  • Seydalieva L.H., Kenzhetaev G.J.

Research status of representatives feathered avifauna to the monitoring station Mangystau port area  111-118

  • Turmagambetova A.S., Omirtaeva E.S., Alexyuk M.S., Bogoyavlenskiy A.P., Berezin V.E.

Therapeutic and prophylactic activities of the new antiviral plant origin preparation “Flavovir” in vitro and in vivo  118-126

  • Perfilyeva A.V., Abdikerim S.E., Djantayeva K.B., Ixan O.A., Muchambetov O.B., Kasimuratova S.A., Kuzovleva E.B., Utegenova K.S., Zhunussova G.S., Khussainova E.M., Afonin G.A., Bekmanov B.O., Djansugurova L.B.

Analysis of the association of methylation genes p16 and SEPT9 with the risk of colorectal cancer  127-137

  • Tuyekbasov М.К., Kydyrbayeva А.Е., Turmetova G.J.

The comparative morphology of skins structure of astrakhan lambs  138-143



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