• Bayshashov B.U., Meldebekov A.M., Abdrakhmanova L.T.

To the history of paleontological research of the cenozoic of Zaysan basin    5-13

  • Smailov B.B., Zhapar K.K., Mursalimov A.A., Akishev Z.D., Bissenbaev A.K.

Functioning of TOR/S6K signaling system in wheat grain germination    14-23

  • Zhaksymov B.I., Ablaykhanova N.T., Bakhtiyarova Sh.K.

Age changes of cognitive functions of getting old organism    24-27

  • Kassymbekova S., Kerimzhanova B., Ilyin A.

Influences of FS-1 medicine on the cytoplasmatic membrane OF E.coli    28-33

  • Krupa E.G., Mademarova N.A.

Phytoplankton of the Kolsai Lakes national park (Kungei Alatau, South-East Kazakhstan)    34-40

  • Badryzlova N.S.

Features of breeding the fry of pikeperch in conditions of chilik ponds farm    41-49

  • Barakbayev T.T., Nurgazy K.Sh., Assylbekova S.Zh., Zharkenov D.K.

Assessment of productive potential of Russian sturgeon according to the breeding in adapted ponds of carp fish-breeding farms    50-56

  • Nazymbetova G.Sh., Taranov B.T.

Seasonal dynamics of flight of the geometrid (Lepidoptera, Geometridae) Northern Tien Shan    56-63

  • Seydalieva L.H., Kenzhetaev G.J., Volkova I.V.

Studies of the species composition and biomass of phytoplankton of the Caspian Sea within the Mangistau region    64-71

  • Gemejiyeva N.G., Musayev K.L., Karzhaubekova Zh.Zh., Lesova Zh.T., Ramazanova M.S., Kirienko V.A.

Distribution and reserves of Rheum tataricum L. in the Ilе river valley    72-79

  • Dimeyeva L.A., Ussen K., Lyssenko V.V., Sultanova B.M., Permitina V.N., Sadvokasov R.E.

Relic communities of Аrthrophytum pulvinatum Litv. in the North Aral region    80-88

  • Seydalieva L.H., Sokolsky А.F., Volkova I.V.

Quantitative changes of phytoplankton in northwest part of the Caspian sea    89-95

  • Grudzinskaya L., Arysbaeva R.

Productivity of collection medicinal plants of Ranunculaceae Juss. family    96-104

  • Begaliev B.S., Shegebaev M.A., Ergasheva S.R., Mirzaliev A.K.

The effect of nasyvay on the structure of teen’s mouth    104-109

  • Tastemirova B.T.

Determination of some physiological parameters in high school students of the city of Turkestan    109-113

  • Abdraimova K.T., Pirmetova M. A. Abdraimov K.U.

Research of absorbing ability and coefficient of the translocation of gray soils of the Southern Kazakhstan region    114-119

  • Begaliev B.S., Abjapparov B.A., Saginbaev Q.T.

The effect of nasyvay on the structure of teen’s mouth    119-124

  • Kravchenko A.P., Bersimbaev R.I.

TOR signalling in plants    125-137

  • Kaliyeva U., Mutaliyeva B., Duisebekova A., Madybekova G.M.

Study of concentration of Azotobacter chroococcum nitrogen-fixing bacteria biomass by polymeric compositions based on water-soluble polymers    138-143

  • Aitkulova R.E., Kudasova D.E., Ospanova A.A., Aimagova M.

Research the possibility of improving the quality of table wines by biotechnological methods    144-149

  • Kedelbaev B.Sh., Kudasova D.E., Dauylbay A.D., Abildaeva R. A, Mamitova A.Z.

Kedelbaev B.Sh., Kudasova D.E., Dauylbay A.D., Abildaeva R. A, Mamitova A.Z.    150-154

  • Aitkulova R.E., Abubakirova A.A., Kudasova D.E., Kaldybekova G.M.

Role of medicinal plants from South-Kazakhstan region for addition into livestock’s fodder   155-158

  • Kedelbaev B.S., Kudasova D.E., Dauylbaj A.D., Abildaeva R.A., Lesbekova A.J.

Research on process of reception of sorbite from guza-shares    159-163

  • Abildayeva R.A., Daylbai A.D., Rysbaeva G.S., Elamanova Zh.R., Ospanova A.A.

The impact of domestic mice and rats to spread cestodiasis disease in domestic cats in the South Kazakhstan region   163-167

  • Dauylbaі A.D., Abildaeva R.A., Elemanova J.R., Lesbekova S.J.

Productivity and wool quality of breed from domestic and foreign genotypes sheep    168-172

  • Abildayeva R.A., Daylbai A.D., Elamanova Zh.R., Ospanova A.A., Kaldybekova S.

Biological feature of sugar Sorghum    173-175

  • Abubakirova A.A., Ospanova A.A., Aitkulova R.E., Dauylbai A.D., Lesbekova S. J.

Research on increasing of fermentative activity of bioyeasts for improving of cheese quality    176-179

  • Zhumashov B.S., Tastemirova B.T., Omarova A.N., Zhumashov S.N.

Meaning of morphostructural placenta indicators in assessing the state of the human fetus at physiological pregnancy course    180-182

  • Ishigov I.A., Zhumabekova R.B.

Ishigov I.A., Zhumabekova R.B.    183-188

  • Narymbetova Т.М.

Blood plessure parameters study in high school students of the city of Turkestan    189-192

  • Zhumashov B.S., Tastemirova B.T., Omarova A.N., Zhumashov S.N.

Violations of protein oxidation of the mitochondrial fraction of cardiomyocytes with hypertension and diabetes in experimental animals    192-196

  • Tursynbayeva G.A., Abdukarimov B.U.

Nursing process based on the principles of evidence-based medicine    197-199

  • Adekenova A.S., Tuleuova G.H., Judit Hohmann, Adekenov S.M.

Pharmacognostic study of raw material of Chartolepis intermedia Boiss. and Peganum harmala L    200-204

  • Yanina O.V., Chigodaikina D.S., Gabdullin Е.М., Adekenov S.M.

Initial introduction of endemic species Rhaponticum karatavicum Rgl. ET schmalh. in Central Kazakhstan   205-210



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