• Aitkeldiyeva S.A., Shormanova M.M., Kuznetsova T.V., Fayzulina E.R., Auezova O.N., Sadanov A.K.

Assessment of the oil-oxidizing activity of the yeast cultures isolated from the Caspian sea    5-10

  • Abilov B.I., Barakbayev T.T., Ablaysanova G.M.

The fertility of the pikeperch (Sander lucioperca) from Kapshagai reservoir   11-16

  • Baimakhanova G.B., SadanovA.K., Zayadan B.K.

Identification of the isolated strains of nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria   16-21

  • Gemejiyeva N.G., Mursaliyeva V.K., Mukhanov T.M.

Assessment of the current state of Allochrusa gypsophiloides (Regel) Schischk. natural populations in the south-Kazakhstan region    22-29

  • DjangalinaE.D., ZhumabayevaB.A., Aytasheva Z.G., Zhulpuhar Zh.T.

Optimization of lectins extraction from bean callus culture   29-34

  • Esimova A.M., Kudasova D.E., Narymbaeva Z.K., Rysbayeva G.S., Abildaeva R.A.

Use of industrial and agricultural wastes in the Republic Kazakhstan for polysaccharides production    35-39

  • Kedelbaev B.Sh., Abildaeva R.A., Ospanova A.A., Pernebaeva L.Zh., KozhakhmetB.N.

Hydrolysis Guzan-PAI to obtain monosaccharide   39-43

  • Krupa E.G., Aubakirova M.O.

Zooplankton of Zhaiyk delta channel of "Akzhayik" natural reserve   44-48

  • Madybekova G.M., Mutaliyeva B.Zh., Aidarova S.B., Zhunuskhojayev A.T., Kudasova D.E.

Study of composition polyelectrolyte/surfactant and influence of various factors on their behaviour on air/water interface    49-54

  • Malakhova N.P., Galieva L.D., Khassein A., Kalieva A.A., Tezekbayeva B.K., Maltseva E.R.

In vitro selection of potato cell cultures with cultural filtrate of Fusarium solani   55-63

  • Gul K., Hasanova N.E., Azhibayeva Z.S., Turmetova G.J.

The pomological characteristics and macro-micro nutrient levels of selected walnut types (Juglans regia L.) in South Kazakhstan    64-69

  • Krupa E.G., Mademarova N.A.

Phytoplankton structure of the North and Middle Caspian sea   70-77

  • Mamytova N.S., Dalelhankhyzy A., Tilegen B., Beskempirova Zh.D., Kuzovlev V.A., Khakimzhanov A.A.

Influence of fusaric acid on the activity P-1,3-glucanase and chitinase of wheat plants   77-83

  • Esimova A.M., Muratalin M.N., Mutaliyeva B.Zh., Narymbayeva Z.K., Rysbayeva G.S.

Study of effect of temperature, pH and other factors on the prorerties of poly (N-isopropylacrylamide) and its derivatives    84-88

  • Esimova A.M., Mutaliyeva B.Zh., Zhunuskhojayev A.T., Esimov E.K., Tolegen A.

Study and producing biopreparation for plant protection and growth stimulate  89-93

  • Myrzakhanova M.N., Myrzakhanov N.

Change in lymph flow reflexes with lymphatic vessels  94-98

  • Myrzakhanova M.N., Myrzakhanov N.

Contractive activity of lymphatic node of some internals of the rats  99-102

  • Nurzhanova A., Nurmagambetova А., Zhamanbalinova R., Balmukanov А., Sailaukhanuly E.

Physiological and biochemical characteristics of Miscanthus x giganteus in polluted conditions  102-109

  • Permitina V.N., Sultanova B.M., Kurmantayeva A.A.

Features of key botanical territories in dependence of type of habitat within Chu-Ili Mountains  109-114

  • Sadyrova G.A., Dzhamilova S.M.

Analysis of flora of Central recreation park of Almaty  115-121

  • Smirnova I.E., Sabdenova A.A., Sultanova A.Zh.

The selection and study of the biocompatibility of bacteria, perspective for the creation of EM associations  122-128

  • Sadyrova G.A., Shormanova A.A.

Ecology analysis of endangered rare, endemic and subendemic species plants of the eastern part of the ridge Ketpen  129-134

  • Taskynbayeva D., Mutaliyeva B.Zh., Aitkulova R.E., Kudasova D.E., Dauylbai A.D.

Study of conditions of cultivation and enzymatic activity of Bacillus subtilis microorganisms as source of biologically-active substances  135-139

  • Tezekbayeva B.K., Kalieva A.A., Malakhova N.P.

Production of new drought resistant lines of potato using cell technology  140-147

  • Taskynbaeva D., Mutaliyeva B.J., Aytkulova R.E., Kudasova D.E., Elemanova J.R.

Study of microbial enzymes by use of extract of beer pellet as a rau material  147-152

  • Tilegen B., Beskempirova Zh.D., Dalelhankhyzy A., Mamytova N.S., Kuzovlev V.A., Khakimzhanov A.A.

Quantitative change and hormonal regulation of a-amylase inhibitor in the wheat grains  153-158

  • Turmetova G.J., ErdenovM.T., Kamshybaeva S.A.

Influence of mineral fertilizers on growth of pear trees in the conditions of Sayram area  158-163

  • Tilegen B., Beskempirova Zh.D., Dalelhankhyzy A., Mamytova N.S., Kuzovlev V.A., Khakimzhanov A.A.

Features of activity and isozyme composition of P-1,3-glucanase of wheat in normal condition and under the action of cultural filtrate of phytopathogenic fungus Fusarium graminearum  164-171

  • Tursunova A.K., Sapko O.A., Chebonenko O. V., Dyo Y.M., Amirkulova A.Zh., Abaildayev A.O., Utarbaveva A.Sh.

The participation of P-1,3-glucanase and chitinase in defense responds of potato by infected Fusarium solani  172-178

  • Assylbekova S.Zh., Shalgimbayeva S.M., Ahmetova A.B., Dzhumahanova G.B., Sarmoldayeva G.R.

Evaluation of biochemical indexes of juvenile trout (Parasalmo mykiss) grown in different mixed fodders  178-185

  • Khassein A., Utkelbaeva N.M., Zhumageldinov B.K., Malakhova N.P.

The evaluation of domestic varieties of potato selective lines to salinity resistance  186-192

  • Shalgimbayeva S.M., Orazova S.B., Ahmetova A.B., Sarmoldayeva G.R., Dzhumahanova G.B.

Influence of growing conditions on biochemical indices of some organs trout fry (Parasalmo mykiss)  193-200

  • Kudaibergenov K.N., Koishiyev T.K.

Installation of solar PV modules computer imaging and display of shadow effect on the photovoltaic system  200-206



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