• BekmanovB.O., KhussainovaE.M., Abylkasimova G.M., PerfilyevaA.V., AmirgalievaA.S., BegmanovaM.O., Nurjibek, Rysalova B.B., Berkimbayeva Z.A., Djansugurova L.B.

Study of GSTP1 gene polymorphism in residents of the former Semipalatinsk nuclear test site     5-9

  • Zhatkanbayev A.Zh

Extraordinary unusual early beginning of reproductive cycle by Turkestan Ground-jay Ile subspecies (Podoces panderi ilensis) in Southern Balqash desert valley - adaptive response of only one endemic bird creature among whole Qazaqstan avifauna onto changing weather-climatic conditions (Part I)     10-33

  • Elshibekova A.M.

ECurrent state of population of bream in the lake Alakol     34-37

  • Yerimova A.Zh., Ubaydullayeva A.K., YerdenovM.T., Isaev G.I., ZhapparbergenovaE.B.

Ways to profitable use of mineral fertilizers and their effects on biological indicators of Ile Alatau and Reinette Simirenko varieties - fruit trees of the IKTU Botanical Garden      38-43

  • Zhumakhanova R.K., Baimagambetova Zh.A.

Chemical and biological methods of control pink bitterling of vegetable crops in South region      44-47

  • Imanbayeva A.A., Kosareva O.N., Zharasova D.N.

Feature of the water mode of introduction sorts of apricot in Mangistau      48-58

  • Syrlybekkyzy S., Suleimenova N.Sh., Kenzhetaev G.Zh., Permiakov V.N.

Evaporation toxic water and influence of man-made objects on coastal Caspian zone      59-64

  • Imanbayeva A.A., Belozerov I.F., Kulakova K.K., Umirbaeva F. U., Lazutkina E.A

Container method of cultivation of saplings of wood plants in arid conditions of Mangistau      65-73

  • Doukravets G.

Addition to the annotated list of the pisciforms and fishes of the Republic of Kazakhstan      74-77

  • Gavrilova N.N., Sadanov A.K., Dadonova T.N., Ratnikova I.A.

Production technologies of biological preparations on the basis of nodule bacteria      78-83

  • Altynbekov K.D., Barvinov А.У., Altynbekova A.K., Yestemessov Z.А.

PFeatures of technological and technical requirements for the production of dental gypsum      84-91

  • Zhailybay K.N., Dauletova S.T., Duisenby B.D.

Conservation of biodiversity in biosphere      92-98

  • Kershanskaya О.Һ, Abdulzhanova М.А., Ismailova М.М., Dauletbaeva S.K., Gulevich А.А

Anti-oxidative stress FeSOD gene cloning for soybean genetic transformation      99-109

  • Отеuli Е.

Center outpatient hemodialysis «Fresenius Medical Care Kazakhstan». History and development prospects      110-114

  • Sadanov A.K., Gavrilova N.N., Dadonova T.N., Ratnikova I.A.

Criteria of selection of strains of nodule bacteria in structure of biological preparations for enrichment of the soil by biological nitrogen and increase of productivity of bean cultures      115-124

  • Sadanov A.K., Dadonova T.N., Gavrilova N.N., Ratnikova I.A.

Methods and doses of inoculation of bean cultures by preparations of nodule bacteria      125-129

  • Seidaliyeva G.O., Tyurdubayev T.J., Makhatov B.M.

Influence of prolonged application of additional lighting on the productivity of quails     130-133

  • Khussainova E., Bekmanov B.O., Zhunisbekova B.B., Amirgalieva A.S., Muratova F.T., Nurzhibek, Skvortsova L.A., Abylkasimova G.M., Perfilyeva A.V., Ixan O.A., Mukhambetov O.B., Kasimuratova S.A., Zhapbasov R.Zh., Djansugurova L.B., Bersimbai R.I.

Analysis of the association of ATM and TP53 genes polymorphism with irradiation factor in Kazakhstan populations     134-141



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